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11-09-2012, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by mzappa View Post
....because the good citizens and taxpayers of Glendale have a right to know.

Most don't follow this thread, so its imperative their local media cover in advance what will happen on Nov.27th, so they are informed.
If you were a tax paying citizen in Glendale, I would support you.

I am willing to bet that you could not care less about the good citizens of Glendale. Once this whole "coyotes; thing is settled, you will never pay attention to the politics in Glendale ever again.

Clark is the current elected official on Council until the transference of power. She has every right to vote on the lease as she feels fit. It is not wrong or unethical regardless of what the voters did on election day. Just because she is voting for something you do not want to see does not make it wrong.

I will agree that it would be likely be inappropriate to vote based on the public positions of the new council; however, this is politics. Maybe the new council would prefer to have the vote done before they get power; therefore, they would be able to blame the old council for the decision. Despite their public opposition, it would not be the first time a politician lied to the general public and they really want the deal to go through.

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