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11-09-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
My opponent did.
Same here, haha! Jennings was a waiver pickup too, serves him right. 14-15 projected points must have been too tempting.

Originally Posted by theLongR0D View Post
Any insight will help;

C.Palmer vs Baltimore


J.Freeman vs SD
You can pass all day on San Diego, and TB's offence is red hot.

Probably a better bet than Baltimore, who seem to leak against the run more than the pass.

Originally Posted by Babs View Post
As did mine! However I need to capitalize on this while Macfadden and Mccoy are both out.

Who do I start Thomas or Reece? Please help, I need this win!
McCoy's out? Wha?
Go with Reece off the hot week.

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