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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Realistically the Rangers have 4 players who will/should return for an O/A year, Ming, Thomson, Fanelli, Palazzese. Also potentials (just by birth year alone) are Murphy, Reider, Puempel, Gibson).

The only player out of those 4 which I wouldnt wnt back is Ming (if I had to pick between them).

Any players brought in at this point, must either be younger then 93's or we have to be comfortable paying the price of a half season rental.
Yes, I agree those 4 are the realistic OA returnees. Who we keep will depend a lot on what kind of team we'll be next year. If Spott buys himself a couple high end guys, like the two you've mentioned, we'll have to send multiple high end young players/picks the other way. Remember, this is Marty Williamson we're talking about here. When running Barrie, he gave up multiple high end assets (including Strome) to get Alex Pietrangelo. He'd want double that return for both Hamilton and Strome - two of the elite players this year. Because we only have one 2nd rounder this side of 2018, I'd bet they would cost us the whole '95 line plus maybe Gilbert. If that deal gets done, I'd try and get another OA forward like Ross in Saginaw.

We'd look like this (with a return of AC):

Thomson / Strome / Rieder
Puempel / Faksa / Marcantuoni
Ross / Crescenzi / Alberga
Schmalz / Meighan / Ming
Llewellyn / Grant(experienced depth to add for the playoff run)

Murphy / Hamilton
Iafrate / McEneny
Fanelli / Genovese
Stewart / Young(see Grant)


Looks like wins to me! Anyone who wants to complain about what we gave up, just direct their attention to the new banner(s) we'd have hanging in the rafters! IMO, league/Memorial Cup banners trump the loss of future assets!

If were to do the above, that would make us a rebuilding team next year. Therefore, Thomson and Frankie (unless he's dealt this year) would be prime OA's to deal for young players/high picks to restock the cupboard, so to speak. We'd then go with Moylan as the #1. As a drafted player though, it wouldn't surpise me to see Thomson go the way Randell and AC did (start the year in the pros)

Ming and Fanelli wouldn't bring much return but would be good guys to have as OA mentors on a rebuilding team. Then, during next season, if we are low in the standings, it would be time to see what the high end graduating '94's Faksa, Marcantuoni, McEneny, would bring at that deadline.

Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Im still holding out hope that AC will be returned, but I think that only happens if these current CBA negotiations falls flat on their face for the remainder of November. They'll have to find him ice time at that point, and whether they like it or not, he'd going to get it in Kitchener.

If he returns, then I'd be more willing to go for it (i dont think he comes back unless the NHL season is back) in the sense that I'd be willing to lose Gilbert and Bailey if it meant the likes of Hamilton and Strome/Ritchie made their way to town (or other top flight players)

Thomson - Strome - Reider
Puempel - Faksa - Ming
Pedersen - Sterk - Marcantuoni
Meighan - Alberga - Llewellyn
ex - Schmalz

Murphy - Hamilton
McEneny - Iafrate
Fanelli - Genovese
I agree. No NHL season = AC is returned.

But, even if there is an NHL season, AC still might come back. Currently there are 15 active forwards who have played games on the Marlies roster. That means 3 healthy scatches every night. That does not include Matt Frattin who was assigned to the Marlies but is out with injury. That makes AC the 17th ranked forward with the Marlies. Even if four of those guys make the Leafs, AC is still the odd man out.

Also, the fact the Leafs found work in the ECHL for Carrick and Brennan, the other forwards cut from the Marlies, ahead of AC makes me think they are ahead of him too. They'd be in game shape for any callup.

It's November 9th and, to my knowledge, AC is the only healthy player in the Leafs system who hasn't played a game of hockey yet. This makes no sense to me. If AC was a shoe in to play pro this year, you'd think they'd make some room for him somewhere.

But we are talking about the Leafs.

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