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Originally Posted by Chubros View Post
I'm not so sure that the PA believes that the growth will continue. If they did, they'd be happy to keep linkage. If you thought that growth would slow, proposing de-linkage makes a lot of sense.

I think that the repeated "honour our contracts" propaganda is code for players wanting escrow and linkage to be scrapped. In the linked system, even at 57%, the players never received 100% of their contracts with the exception of the first year of the CBA. Apparently this was a constant complaint amongst players.

Despite the grousing, it was actually their own PA that was largely to blame for players not receiving the whole of their salaries. The PA elected time and time again to invoke the escalator clause, which artificially inflated the cap and resulted in players receiving less than 100% of their contracts. Perhaps angering its own constituents was intentional: putting them in the mood to fight to scrap escrow and linkage would be a logical first step this time if the PA wanted to go after the cap next time around.

That may be a bit far fetched, but depending on one's interpretation, "honouring contracts" could result in players receiving more in salary than they would have under the previous CBA. That said, here's my take on the two sides' positions:

NHL: We need to make a shared sacrifice.
(Translation: We'd like you to get less money so we can make more.)

Players: We just want you to honour our contracts.
(Translation: Well, we'd actually like to make more money than before.)
There's a vast difference between losing money to escrow from lower than expected revenues or a couple of front loaded deals and losing money because the players lose 12-13% of their share immediately.

When players talk about contracts being honored, they don't expect the dollar value to be paid in full, they just don't want a rollback which is exactly what would happen if the split dropped to 50/50 immediately.

Even the NHL is amenable to this as their offer included a guarantee on existing deals. Now it's just a matter of who pays what share of that guarantee.

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