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11-09-2012, 01:34 PM
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Thanks for the Nashville props. Disagree with you on whether Atlanta could have ever been a hockey town, though--I don't think we'll ever really know whether Atlanta could have been a hockey town. They had a lot going against them. We were also accused of "never going to be a hockey town" but success on the ice, the reality of what could happen when Rat ******* and his slimy lawyer friend tried to move us, and a new ownership group made Smashville the place to be and that brought out the best in Nashville. One fed upon the other. In their first 5 years of existence, the Thrashers didn't have an especially good team, the country experienced 9/11 and the depressed economy that followed, the team was sold to Atlanta Spirit where they were most certainly the unwanted stepchild, the Dan Snyder/Dany Heatley incident occurred and there was a lockout. An established team or a team in a place where hockey isn't a novelty can weather the storm, but it's critical that a 5 year old team trying to gain traction be able to build on the previous year's growth. While we were coming off our first playoff appearance after the lockout, the biggest difference was we signed Paul Kariya and that upped the interest level in Nashville. Had we not done that we would probably be elsewhere. There is no question that Nashville did things in a better way than Atlanta did, but to say that Atlanta couldn't have been as successful just because of their location is, I think, unproven.

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