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11-09-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its arguable that Nichols gets better looks at what the Argos are trying to do from the sidelines for the first few drives then he does on the field. Nichols has not been a quick starter anyway, and we don't have a quick starter.
That assumes Argos give Nichols the same looks that they'll give Joseph though. Nichols and Joseph are different enough QBs that if I'm the Argos, I have different gameplans on how to play both QBs. For example Joseph's lack of mobility vs. Nichols decent enough mobility probably means different blitz packages for both. I'm not sure we can say that works for this game.

Thing is if you start Nichols, and he gets eaten alive as a rookie, its game over. Seeya next year in an instant. On the other hand if Joseph struggles Nichols has shown himself to be a good reliever. In this way the Eskimos give themselves two potential chances at having a hothand then one.
If Joseph struggles, we could be down 20+ points in less than 10 minutes. While Nichols has shown good as a reliever, that type of deficit maybe far too much for Nichols to came back from. Why exactly risk that?

In any sport, theres on days and off days for anybody and including QB's. You NEVER know how they will look on a given day in a one game must win playoff.
Which is why you give yourselves the best chance to win. Has Joseph's recent performances indicated he gives us the best chance to win? Or has Nichols?

Going into a playoff game basing it off on a hope and a prayer isn't good team management. Nor does it give your team the best chance to win.

I don't see it. I doubt the Argos will be all "Oh they are starting Joseph, don't bother planning for Nichols then". They'll plan for both, so not naming him the starter has no effect. All it does is leave this team with the potential to be a hole due to Joseph's inept play.

Splitting snaps in the week for a playoff game isn't exactly good preparation either. You should be getting your starting the most reps throughout the week. This isn't the regular season where we're trying to see who's the best QB. This is the playoffs, where we should be fielding the best team possible.

Reed unfortunately hasn't done that.

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