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11-09-2012, 01:46 PM
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Good points, See my previous post. Lets hope it doesn't happen.

Although the entire debacle is worthy of a University-level course or a book. Not sure what department, however. Would have to be an inter-disciplinary study in sociology, economics, politics, psychology, sports, urban planning,.....and cupcakes.

This is a lesson for every tax-paying citizen in every city, no matter if they are a "sports fan" or not.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... I dunno about that mz. Who Are the Brain Police? Us? These are the comments from a recently defeated small-time narrow minded city councillor, the taste of defeat still fresh in her mouth. She thinks the City of Glendales gonna hand over $300M+ to Bow Tie Daddy, as in Lets Turn the Water Black, Hot Poop, aint happenin. But sure, Keep it Greasy Joyce. People'll cotton on real quick, and if they dont, they'll deserve what they get with Greg Jamison and the Return of the Son of Monster Magnet sucking every plug nickle out of the city coffers it possibly can until theres nothing left to take.

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