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11-09-2012, 01:48 PM
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The OUA isn't immune to the showboat style of officiating either. The stripes come in and expect that the fans want to see them put on a show not the players. They constantly call borderline penalties that don't affect the play or taps that don't result in injury. I'm all for calling penalties that result from an infraction that takes away a goal scoring opportunity or injures a player but the zebra clowns need to take into consideration that people pay to watch a hockey game played by the players not be driven in emotional fits out of frustration with ego based referring. Last week's GG's - Gryphon game was another example of out of control refereeing. A call was made on a borerline infraction behind the play in OT while Guelph already had possession in the GG's zone. Guelph goes up 4 players to 3 in OT and scores, a game whose outcome was ultimately decided by a bad call. If these guys are so determined to be in show business I would prefer to see them on stage a Yuk Yuk's.

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