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11-09-2012, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Doctor View Post
Meh, overrated. Over on the CFL forum I deal with a lot hardcore Tiger-Cat fans who actually live in Hamilton, but are absolutely out of touch with the pulse of the city. They can't understand why there are so many in the city have a hate on for the owner Bob Young. No amount of patient explaination from me gets them to understand. I may as well be trying to teach calculus to a bunch of chimpanzees.

If this election teaches us anything, is that Glendale residents are far more aware and far more informed about what is going on in their city then anyone has given them credit for...
I guess what I was looking for was the actual posters who live within the boundaries of the city. How massive cuts to city employment infrastructure, etc was promised not to occur (0 cuts) if the initiative stayed. Now all the ballyhoo because it passed means money available for the subsidy... the subsequent impacts to the actual residents. That sort of thing. Opposite - others chomping at the bit to see this thru because it doesn't directly impact them other than the team itself.

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