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11-09-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by czar99 View Post
My thoughts on this is that, part of being a gm is roster management. I've been very mindful of it since the first few sims and I got robbed of players. I personally think that if a player hits the wire he's fare game. The whole purpose of being a GM is the whole sum of being a gm, not just playing the games.

If not then let me know cause then I can call up and waive players as I see fit and all I have to do is post and tell people not to claim them.
See but at times you have no control over what the AI GM does during a sim.

Originally Posted by czar99 View Post
I don't think I am missing the point and I don't say that I a argumentative manner. I also agree that roster management is the most important part of GM connected. I'll sum up what I just PMed the commish.

Every team gets a 24 man roster to deal with so that's 12 forwards, 6 Defense and 2 goalies. That leaves 4 other roster spots for you to use as you see fit. Now lets say I have 3 players injured:

Injured player 1=5 games
Injured player 2=2 games
Injured player 3=1 game

Now lets say that I have three games left that I know I won't be able to play and the sim is coming up, then I know that that I have to make sure that I only have 2 undressed players because if I have more the CPU is going to send 1 player down to the minors if you have no one that can be sent down without clearing then he go's to the waiver wire. I've personally lost a decent Depth Defenceman last season. I learned quick because at one point I had my top five D out at the same time.

All that being said I don't know the scenario in which Winnipeg sent Bogosian thru wavers. It's safe to assume he didn't mean to. Or maybe he wasn't sure how injuries go hand in hand with roster management.

For the record I didn't personally put in a claim on Bogosian. I also find it funny that a previous poster(not yourself)likes to attack me at every turn and says that people who claim other people's star players are going to ruin the league yet that poster put in a claim on Bogosian him self.

Anyways I wasn't trying to be a scrub and claim other players star. I was just pointing out that like you said roster management is IMO a huge part of GM Connected and if you want to ignore that aspect of the game then your going to eventually get burned by certain GMs that claim your star players.
SO say you have everything figured out but you have 5 games left to play when the sim goes through. You end up with 2 or 3 1 game injuries in the sim. The AI GM makes moves for this and decides to send someone like bogosian through waivers, you lose him, even though you planned ahead and did all you could do to stop this from happening it happened anyways. Aren't you gonna feel ripped off? Aren't you going to want Bogosian back because the AI GM is stupid? I know I would, and of course you would.

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