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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
When I was scouting in the USHL(for a draft magazine, mind you...), I went to the game with a list of 4-5 guys I was going to look to focus on. Now, the USHL isn't dripping with talent, but I usually had a decent sample of kids to pick from at every game and being based in Fargo that season, they had a number of possible kids who were on a lot of boards.

Good read, thanks for the input!

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I don't feel you can get close to a good enough read on a player from TV vs. live. I don't think it's remotely close either, to be honest.
Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
Agreed, tenfold.

This is one of the reasons I gave up my position with who I was working for. I felt a bit of pressure to produce more content in terms of TV/web viewing and I really didn't like the idea. I mean, scouting is all about analyzing the game with your eyes...and when viewing TV/web, you are at the mercy of the cameraman. Who, if you are lucky, can routinely follow the play. Scouting away from the play is a huge aspect of scouting, IMO.
Agree 100% with you guys, especially with being at the mercy of the cameraman. The most frustrating thing about trying to watch guys on TV/webcast/whatever is how much time you waste just trying to figure out if your guy is on the ice or not.

On the other hand, instant replay is a bonus.

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