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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
I forgot, make a different country host each World Cup, like in soccer. Also do the same for the Champions League. Imagine, the 2015 IIHF Champions League hosted by Poland/Ukraine or the 2016 World Cup of Hockey hosted Germany. Make a spectacle and an event out of it, the crowds and the interest will follow. The problem now is these things are poorly organized and poorly marketed.

We def need to "soccerfy" the sport a bit, it wont hurt. Can even grow the game in new territories such as England, France, etc.

Some examples

2017 IIHF Champions League hosted by United States
2019 IIHF Champions League hosted by Sweden/Finland
2020 World Cup of Hockey hosted by Czech/Slovakia
2021 IIHF Champions League hosted by England
2023 IIHF Champions League hosted by Canada

Poland and Ukraine was held for the European Championship of international teams but the Champions League of soccer. The Champions league of soccer is played (The UEFA CL) in every city of the team competing in it.

Then UEFA chooses a CITY in Europe to host the final championship game.

The biggest problem with a champions league tournament is having the NHL actually participate. For them to participate, they will need to

1) Get most of the revenue of this
2) Probably host the games
3) Players and team will need some kind of prize money
4) and some one better be good at presenting things, showing them how good it could be working with the IIHF in such a big tournament and how they can go about this...

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