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Originally Posted by MrLegend28 View Post
stopped reading after this. What? Toronto isn't attractive to FA's? Since when. It's the summer months when they're in toronto and Toronto is a huge, beautiful, multi cultural city full of activities. Maybe in the NBA cause it's winter time, but not baseball.
As dumb as it is, the spectre of living in another country, even one as near-identical to the US as Canada is, scares off some players. Multiple players and ex-players, including Zaun & Dirk Hayhurst, have said that they known lots of guys who have had this weird irrational resistance to the idea of playing in Canada because "it's another country" even though they don't know a thing about the place. We can sell the idea of any Canadian city being beautiful and multi-cultural and jam-packed with stuff to do, but the fact that there's a border to cross freaks some people right the **** out. Vancouver had the same problem with the NBA (and not always because of the weather. Lots of guys were brought in during summer FA period and pre-draft workouts), as do the Raptors now. It also doesn't help that you have people like Chris Bosh talking about how different it is and whining about not having ESPN up here, or Chipper Jones, who said of Toronto (during the WBC games that were held there):

"We stayed in Toronto for a week and played three games. I don't know if you ever stayed in Toronto, but it's not exactly Las Vegas," the Braves star told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "To say that we were plucking our eyebrows out one at a time would be an understatement."
Which is an absolutely asinine statement to make.

It may be stupid and backward and wrong-headed, but it appears to be how things work. Now if you can get guys here, they often end up loving it (though not always. I'm looking at you, Antonio Davis), but it's that initial resistance that is the biggest hurdle.


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