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11-09-2012, 02:51 PM
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KevFu, I agree that using the median HRR is probably a better CBA than the one that just expired. I'm not sure it completely sets the balance like it should, but that is a debatable topic.

I agree that the first issue is agreeing with the players on the amount the players earn relative to the total HRR. I think the second issue is how the owners agree to divide up that responsibility. The first issue is obviously the agreement between the NHLPA and NHL while the second issue is the agreement between the owners in the NHL. I think it's somewhat easier to come to an agreement with the players on the first issue. Much of the posturing that is preventing a deal from getting done is the second issue I believe. That's why you have divided segments among ownership.

You could do median HRR, you could do my proposal of basing the player's share on a prorated amount of HRR.

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