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Lincoln (2012), directed by Stephen Spielberg: This account of how Lincoln managed to abolish slavery through the passing of the 13th Amendment in Congress is Spielberg's best movie since Munich. That's not saying a whole lot, but my intent is not to damn Lincoln with faint praise. It is a good story, well told, one of the best the States has to offer. Though the movie is long, not to mention long winded, it is a convincingly presented interpretation of a momentous historical event. There are a couple of needless subplots that focus on Lincoln's son (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, thoroughly wasted in the role) and his wife (Sally Field) that slow the movie down and detract from its central focus: how Lincoln managed to get his contentious amendment ratified by a hugely skeptical Congress. Day Lewis' impersonation of Lincoln is indeed impressive, though whenever Tommy Lee Jones is on screen, he steals the movie. The script is intelligent but wordy; my eyes glazed over in some of the extended middle sections in which there is just too much yadda, yadda, yadda. But I ended up feeling that I had a better understanding of how the politics of this amendment worked than I had before I entered the theatre. As with most didactic works, it is not the sort of movie that will send pulses racing, but it is a job well done by all concerned.

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