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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
Want to add another thing. I would have no problem with the NHL icing so-called "B" squads with part of the big club players and part prospects from the AHL. If its only a few spots then I wouldn't mind too much.

1) Prize money for top 3 teams. Prize money for players who win major awards for tournament.

2) Allow NHL to host a majority if not all the games, at least the ones they play. So less traveling and stress.

3) Allow NHL teams (goes really for any team) to choose rosters from their affiliated teams. But put restrictions... So NHL teams dont just send over only ECHL guys.

For a team, for example lets say the New York Rangers... if they were in it you might see

Marian Gaborik may or may not play in the tournament, but because he might have a chance for more ice time or play against friends/family or ex teams... he might. For a team like Pittsburgh, I cant see Crosby being inclined for this but maybe Malkin would.

(Rangers again) 3rd, 4th line, 3rd pairing D might like the prize money idea... or maybe guys like Boyle would love the opportunity to play a bigger role under his coach or for the Rangers.

European players like Ovechkin who love being in any game for any reason... would prob love to do this no matter what his owners tell him to do lol.

AHL players would be inclined to do this for the money and more opportunity to play not only under a real NHL jersey but a chance to show scouts what they can do at the pro level, especially prospects or guys who want 2nd chances like Wade Redden or anyone really.

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