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11-09-2012, 03:10 PM
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Was at the game last night. 3rd row behind Russian bench (you can see me as the guy with the white Oilers jersey there).

I don't go to many live games in general at any level, so I'm no great scout . But some comments.

Yakupov looked fast. And dangerous. But it unfortunately did not amount to much yesterday.
It seems like he feels his teammates can't help so much, so breakouts that he led, he felt he'd have to take the puck by himself all the way, then get frustrated when the 2nd (or so) Canadian he tried to go through would stop him.
Other times he'd wind up in his own end getting ready for a more structured breakout, only to find his deference make a long pass to another stationary forward at the Canada blue line who was covered, before Yak even hit the defensive blueline in stride. Frustrating.
Was unfortunate he missed that first PP (though at least I could see him on the bench he looked fine so I figured he wasn't injured).

Zharkov seemed to play half the 2nd period. Pretty sure they were double shifting him in the 2nd, and he seemed to play a lot in the 3rd too, but not as much as 2nd. Seemed big and strong and aggressive. Looked always to be wanting to lay the body, but then to hold back at the last second to not get out of position.

Overall, the game was quite meh. Felt like Russia had probably 3-4 good scoring chances overall? Canada not many more.

Was watching Yak during defensive zone time. He did not cheat and stay out at the blue line or centre ice or anything. He was always there kinda in between hash marks and his defenceman. Didn't move much in the D-zone, but just kinda stayed close enough to his D-man.

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