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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
See, this suggests to me that "video scouting" would, among other things, involve video recording of the entire ice (potentially with multiple cameramen), rather than hoping the single cameraman is focusing on your guy. That way you get ALL the data available to a live guy and also get the benefit of detailed breakdowns via instant replay.

Cut down on travel costs, too. All you need to do is send (or locate) competent cameramen. Your hockey experts could stay at home.
That would certainly be an improvement on trying to scout from TV cameras or jumbotron feeds like those of us amateurs are forced to do. I don't exactly know the depths of just what "video scouting" entails but I can't imagine it's a bunch of guys watching the same feeds I'm seeing.

I've especially noticed the WHL feeds like to get in tight as hell to the puck carrier so you have no idea who anyone else on the ice is and where they are. Ah well...

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