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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
1) Not for the past 2 years.
2) how about you address my points about Florida and Dallas?
Well, Florida in general, I agree with:
I think the people migrating to Miami are single 18-24 year olds interest in fashion or booze; and the families migrating there are more "escaping Castro" than "escaping snow"

I think that, coupled with not having an NBA team, is what makes Tampa work better than Miami, despite being a smaller market.

As for Dallas, co-owning the arena isn't really an issue. They get all the HRR from the arena, just not the Basketball Related Revenue, and they split outside events.

Yes, it's less revenue than someone who owns both NBA/NHL franchises and the arena, but it's still better than most other NHL teams' situations because because even after splitting event revenue with the Mavericks, AAC is a go-to venue in a very large population center. That's better than someone who might get higher percentage of the revenues the arena generates, but has more venue competition or a smaller population to buy tickets to other events.

It's the same deal in Chicago.

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