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O yea, and im sure back up goalies like Biron would love the extra ice time and shots in a real game if a starter like Lundqvist chooses to take this time for breaks.

To stop NHL teams from changing the rosters to much, or allowing NHL players to choosing a time when they feel they want to play in a tournament like this... the rules will go as follows

30 players can be chosen for this tournament. They just have to be signed to the club, or an affiliated pro team.
For NHL teams... No more than 5 guys can be chosen on this 30 man roster from the ECHL. At least 3 guys have to be two way players from the AHL/NHL. Salary does not matter in this case.

ONLY ONCE (prior to the tournaments quarter finals) can a team take ONE player from outside the 30 man list and switch it into the playable roster. Unless injury occurs, than a player MUST be replaced. 20 players can be chosen to dress, at least two players must be reserved for game times and the rest can do whatever the team wishes upon them. I chose the only once rotation cuz you never know when a team finds a new talent or an NHL player wants to actually participate lol. But we dont want every NHL player who chose not to at first, come in when he finds out his team will go far and win money or the tournamnet is bigger than expected. So one is permitted

After the group stages, the team must choose a roster of 24 guys from the 30 man list to compete for the rest of the tournament. These 24 guys will receive the prize money if the team makes the final 3 placements.

Start it with either 14 or 20 teams from around the world. The NHL will have 4 teams, the KHL will have 4 teams. Each NHL team will host one group. So 4 groups of 4 or 5, with one KHL team in each one. The Final 2 teams come out of the group after playing 1 game round robin each team.

so now you have 8 teams come out for a knock out stage. I think a series for this would be too long, but maybe one game elimination or 2 legs... Elimination might make for a better story and exciting play.

Knock out stage all the way to the finals and one game elimination like the supoer bowl or UEFA champions league.

Each game, changing on whether its a Group Stage, Knock out stage or championship or 3rd place game, should have split revenue.

The Host team (or arena) should get a majority
The visiting team should get some
The rest of the money should go into a tournament fund for hockey funds and tournament prizes

Any game that the NHL plays should be played in the NHL or at least a majority of their games so they will be more inclined to host and participate. All final games should be played at a single location or at least in NHL arena. Any game that the NHL is not part of, can be used in North America but its up to teams playing. All teams making some money out of this will make European teams money and be more willing to participate next year.

Something like

Group Stage
Host- 60%
Pot- 20%

Knockout Stage
Away- 15%
Pot- 20%

3rd place game (NHL arena must)
Pot- 50%

Championship (set location chosen prior to start of tournament like Montreal)
Host team- 60%
Pot- 40%

The pot $$$ will go to charities and help with awards and prize money. The rest of the prize money comes from donations and tournament fees.

Charities- 40% of the pot
1st place-30% of the pot plus bonus checks (like Victoria Cup) plus trophy they get to keep at their arena for life
2nd place- 15% of pot plus bonus checks
3rd place- 10% of the pot
Awards- 5% plus trophy

In the victoria cup, some guy in Swiss paid the winner of the team like 40,000 Franks. Something like that... plus thats just the pot from revenue... not including other donations and stuff.

^^^^^^ Jus a simple model, could obviously change... just trying to keep the small teams an incentive for being part of a big elite tournamet so it helps them make $$$ and grow for next year. The NHL and host makes most of the $$$, mostly cuz i dont think NHL owners care unless there making $$$$ and their superstars r safe.

Tournament awards-
Offensive player (Not best forward, best offensive producer)
Def player (not best d man, just best defender)
Best young guy (under 21 or 23 or something depending on avg)
Best coach
Hardest worker
stuff like that

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