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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
I like the idea but I would do the Champions League every 2 years.

2014 Olympics
2015 Champions League
2016 World Cup of Hockey
2017 Champions League

We need the NHL & IIHF to be more in sync with each other and participate mutually. A Champions League could surely work if there is more space between the tourney (like the proposed 2 years) and if the NHL sanctioned full participation. Perhaps if the NHL takes control in helping organize the Champions League & even the World Cup while recognizing and respecting the level of competition from other leagues, it could really take off. The CL trophy shouldn't be more important than say, the Stanley Cup, but perhaps they could create a meaningful trophy that can capture the essence of the SC on a world wide scale.

With respect to the World Championships, I think they should stay the course, or perhaps also switch to a 2 year schedule as to not overlap with the Olympics & World Cup.

No way... every year. This is a club match...

Do it like Soccer

4 years Olympics
4 years World Cup
4 years Europ Cup
Every year Champions League
Every year Super Cup


Every 4 years Winter Olympics
Every 4 years rotating on that is World Cup of Hockey by the NHL
Every year do a WJC
Every year do a WC

For club level do every year Champions league...

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