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11-09-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by disfigured View Post
Stats aren't everything.

When on the 4th line he was a sparkplug. Energy was Marchand's game. Granted a bit unbridled and stupid at times, but energy non the less. And that series needed someone with energy to help a decimated team, that player could have been Marchand, but it wasn't. What did Trent Whitfield contribute on the sheet for those 4 P.O games? Nada, squat, nil. So in hindsight with the stats a wash at zip, who would you have rather had in there against Philly up by 3 in a 7th game? Trent Whitfield? I would have rather had a pre next year's training camp Marchand, but that's just me.

It's just an opinion, not based on stats (god forbid). It's not an attempt to remove the statue of Claude from your front lawn.

Jeez you act like a jilted lover if someone mentions Clode isn't perfect.
I still don't get the "earned the right" reference.

And yeah, I don't think Julien is perfect, by any means. Nobody is. But at least I respect the guy enough to spell his name correctly.

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