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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Thanks for posting!

I've always had an interest in scouting - one that hasn't gone past reading books on the subject and doing my own brand of amateur scouting from my couch or computer chair, mind you, but I've always had a lot of respect for the profession.

With the lockout I've been watching more CHL games than ever. One thing I've always struggled with when watching the games and doing my own analysis on the 2013 guys, is how do you figure out who to watch? What I mean is, a team might have 1 or 2 first round projected guys that you're really focusing on...but if you focus only on them, you could miss a good performance from a guy getting little ice time who might make a nice late-round pick. Do you allow for guys to surprise you and then go back and make a point to focus on them more next time? Or do you try to watch the game as a whole without zeroing in on anyone specific and whoever impresses you, impresses you?

I'm not really asking anyone in particular but anyone who does any scouting is free to chime in with their take...
I usually let the first period allow me to notice anyone that surprises me.

During the first intermission, I read over the players that impressed me, and with age and size factored in, as well as pre-game preparation, I narrow my list to around 4 players for the rest of the game.

I left the last half of the 3rd period to have players impress me once again to see if I have peaked interest to visit the team again.

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