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11-09-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
It sounded a lot more aimed at you personally then I meant it too, but the absolute concensus, from non-Canuck fans, around here seems to be that Luongo is being traded because Schneider up and stole his position, which I agree is a farce of logic over 3 games.

And for the record, sarcasm doesn't appear well on this I meant it as more of a "make up your mind" statement. Again, not strictly aimed at you, but at everyone saying Luongo's old, declining and lost his job, but that Schneider is unproven and not a starter. It seems to be a catch-22.
Not said by me. It truely is a catch-22. With Schnieder saying "i feel i am ready to be a starter" and his stats backing it up to Luongo's "time to move on", your management is truely in a pickle...a good 1 mind you, but a pickle none the less. What happens if they trade Lu and Schnieder they trade Cory and run the risk of dealing a future stud....tough decisions ahead in the GM's office.

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