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11-09-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
There's no way Toronto come remotely close to making this deal. The Leafs have zero interest in Schroeder or Ballard, and we're not about to trade our best centre and our best or 2nd best young player (Gardiner is either our best, or 2nd best behind Rielly) for a goalie.

Personally I do not think the Nucks trade Schneider period, I think they keep shopping Luongo until a deal is made. As you said, the fans love Schneider, and they definitely DO NOT love Luongo (they've eased up on him a bit since it's been evident that he'll be dealt, but IMO they'd go into an unprecedented hate mode if Luongo was kept and Schneider dealt).

However, if they were trading Schneider, the deals brought up by the OP are pretty much the limit of what the Leafs could possibly offer. They were already very steep, but borderline fair prices, proposals like this are simply unreasonable. Instead of making an offer like this, you may as well just say "I have no interest in trading Schneider period."
Fair enough, but in all honesty I would certainly trade Schneider if the deal made us considerably better today. Hence, an overpayment like the one mentioned above. Of the initial deals proposed, I may take Lupul, Kadri, and the conditional 1st. We're looking to compete now, and if Lupul can be a PPG player on Kesler's wing we'd be sitting pretty. We could afford to add another 6mil player to our roster as well if he continues that output, I feel we have some wiggle room.

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