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11-09-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
ftw, you're making a huge mistake with your "lower pay" issue. Aside from the switch to 50/50, very few players would be negatively affected by the so-called "pay reduction" you're concerned about and far more players would be positively affected. The players will receive the exact same total dollars no matter what, the only question is the distribution. If what you're concerned about actually happened, that money that isn't going to "Parise type deals" doesn't just disappear. So maybe RNH doesn't end up getting paid as much as he would have under the previous CBA. That money he doesn't make still goes to the players, just not to the elite few at the extreme upper end. This means those 3rd and 4th line grinders are likely to see a pay increase. Those 2nd liners or 2nd pairing defensemen are going to see an increase. There's far more players who would see a net benefit than there are players seeing a loss, which should mean players would like such a change.
Yeah because those players are all for sharing, true money is still there but first there will be at least 7% less from now out And two with elimination of the loophole there is going to be less cheat deals which circumvent the cap and allow guys that are elite to get more money then they will under a fixed term deal.

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