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11-09-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
They are offering to transfer over 1.2 Billion dollars over a 5 year agreement.

How is that 'not doing anything to help them out'?

The 50/50 split is a minor thing now, they want contractual rights, which the league has completely ****ed them over on in their most recent proposal.
No they're not, yes if the old CBA where to somehow extend into forever then that would be the case but right now the players are making 0 so how can they give anything back?

That is the problem in a nutshell and I have said it for months. The players and Fehr are living in the past and keep acting as if 04 matters and what the old CBA was matters. IT DOESN'T! IT'S DEAD! MOVE ON! The old CBA doesn't exsist so quite trying to use it as a bargaining chip in how much your giving up, your making 0 so you can lose 0 SIMPLE!

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