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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Out of curiosity, why is that? Is it like Yankees "fans" in baseball, where people are just reaching for the low-hanging fruit of sports-fan identity, or is it more specific to Toronto and the Leafs?
I don't really agree with that at all. I know plenty of people that relish in the Leafs woes and many hopped on whichever bandwagon while the getting was good, whether it be Montreal, Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh etc. It's certainly not "cool" to be a leafs fan in Toronto the way it is to be a Yanks fan in NYC.

If you were to go around asking people in Toronto to name some OHL teams, people would say London, Kitchener, and Windsor because they're the best run, most successful organizations. Brampton was a ****** team in a location where you could count the number of white residents on one hand. The only people suprised that Bramptom failed road the short bus to school.

IMO, there are simply plenty of other hockey options besides watching poorly run GTA OHL teams. London is a city with 350,000-400,000 people and they have 9,100+ fans each game because they are a well run organization that ices an excellent product year in , year out. I can go watch AAA GTHL hockey all day for $5 and see future NHL'ers like Tavares, Gagner, and Stamkos if I want to.

There's just plenty of excellent hockey to be played in the GTA and none of the OHL franchises make a serious effort to gain support. Oh well, their loss.

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