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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
I'm saying this is the ONLY communication to the players that has made (among others) and I don't think that was an accident.
Wrong. The other memo that came after the splitting off of negotiations was published by tsn as well as other news organizations. I can't find a tsn link, but here's usa today:

And to be clear, I'm also NOT suggesting that Bettman/owners have a problem with this....but if they DO have a problem with this "leaked" memo to tsn, then this is NOT a good sign for the players NOR the CBA negotiations.
No, if they have a problem with it, it's either (i) bull**** or (ii) because the memo asserted falsehoods. If it is the latter, you can bet on a specific NHL response through the media.

I simply find it odd that there's been such secrecy over the past week, almost NOTHING said about meeting locations, subjects of discussion, progress, very vague commentary to the media by both parties - then BANG, a full internal memo appears on
In other words, you think unions are odd. Because that's how they work - they've got a negotiating team, and that team needs to keep the membership appraised of the contents and state of negotiation. If they don't, morale crumbles, and the union splinters.

BTW, it's Friday. If you want to leak for strategic import, you do it any day but Friday. If you want to update your members on the workweek's negotiations, you do it on Friday.

It's just troubling to when one of the most more intelligent posters on this board tilts at windmills. Or even makes gestures at it.



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