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11-09-2012, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
Why should just other owners take a hit for this. It makes no sense to me. So the Coyotes are losing money but should pay Doan a huge sum of money and then the Maple Leafs should pay the Coyotes for losing money. So in the end the Maple Leafs pay Foans contract to play for another team and that seems "fair" to most people on here?

You can't bring up other leagues when it comes to revenue sharing because of how other leagues make money. The NHL relies on ticket sales to generate it's revenue for then any other sport. Baseball, Football and Basketball have huge TV contracts that cover most of their revenue, hell the NFL could close all it's stadiums and never sell 1 ticket and still make millions because of their TV contract so therefore lots more revenue sharing makes sense, since you not asking a few teams to carry the whole league. In the NHL where the TV contact isn't worth that much a much higher revenue share doesn't make as much sense because you'd be asking a few teams to carry the league. Why as the owner of the Maple Leafs would I give up half of my profit so other teams can succeed?

Again it's not a smart business model.
The players aren't suggesting they should currently get 57% of HRR. They know they have to take a reduced amount. The real question is how reduced and over what time should it be reduced.

You don't like revenue sharing but think all the players should make less because some teams are in trouble. Why should the Leafs pay Shane Doan's salary? Well, why should Phil Kessel get paid less by the Leafs because the Phoenix Coyotes have financial problems?

As far as "why should the Leafs give up profit so others can succeed"...I agree with you, they shouldn't. Let the teams have whatever payroll they want. If the Leafs want to blow $100 mill on salaries because they can afford to then let them go ahead...people in Toronto are deserving of watching an on ice product that's commensurate with the wealth of the team and the dedication of the fan base. Let the Coyotes have the payroll they can afford...and if all 10 of their fans don't like it they can go try to rally more support in the community.

However, the teams themselves have collectively decided they do not want that model - instead, they have insisted (and, indeed, lost an entire NHL season insisting) that there needs to be a salary cap/floor which is based on a split of HRR b/w the owners and the players...and now find themselves in trouble of it. Why should the players alone bear the financial burden of fixing an untenable system.

The idea solution is the luxury tax...but as coldsteel pointed out this toxic "everyone needs to get a chance to be a winner" attitude prevents it.

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