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11-09-2012, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by derriko View Post
I understand your post and agree if we are talking about a 3rd liner in general. There are some exceptions out there though like in Pit where Stall was a "3rd liner."

I think If Zib plays better as a C, then thats where he should play. I have no problem having Spezza, Turris, and Zib as the centers in the future. As long as Zib plays on a powerplay and pk, he would have plenty of ice time, possibly even as much as anyone gets on the team.

So technically, people projecting Zib as a "3rd liner" might actually be right. Ya never know...
But no one calling Z a 3rd liner mean in the way that Jordan Staal is. I also know, anything can happen. It's just ******** knee jerk reactions right now that are easy to dispute.

Joe blow with no talent in Bingo can play well for a couple games, for his standards (which aren't high), he may be older as well and all of a sudden people start saying "hey, maybe this guy could be a 3rd liner".

But then the kid who's 19, who clearly has boatloads more talent in every attribute plays below expectation, for his standards (which are sky high), he's all of a sudden seen in a similar light that mister overachieving mediocre prospect is.

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