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11-09-2012, 06:19 PM
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Yea prices are going up across the board for 86 and up players. Bobby Ryan's gone from 20k to 27-30k in the last week - just picked him up for 27k... more than I wanted to pay but hes been the lowest in the market for two days. Sharp has gone from 14 to 20k - got one for 17k auction and all the rest are priced at 20.

Was really hoping to get those guys for 5k less each but I wasnt willing to wait any longer and I really think the markets climbing. Hossa's gonna be a pain to get.

If anyone has a Hossa they'll move I'm offering both J Benn and J Johnson plus 4 of your choice between Markov(I sell him all the time at 4.5), Perron(5?), Oshie(5.5-6?) Stoll(3?), Hedman(3?) 3 LD-RD cards ( I've sold them quick at 4.5 before, seeing if they move at 6-7k)......

I may have more pucks in a little while but right now just 1k. I'd toss that in too. Pm me.

Also what has STOW Simmonds been going for? I bailed on an auction at 35k and I'm guessing if he goes for 40-45 but I didn't want to risk bidding into the high 30s.

Edit: One more thing, I need a goalie to move Schneider to the bench. Who is worth it? I like Kiprusoff but his quickness is low... Lehtonen looks enticing for his quickness... Is Ward worth saving for? If anyone wants to move one of these guys in a trade PM.

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