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Originally Posted by theLongR0D View Post
C.Palmer vs Baltimore
J.Freeman vs SD
Freeman's been great lately. I'd go with him. Who knows how the Raiders will look with their RB combo of Jones/Reece. Palmer's the riskier start IMO, and isn't a better one to me even without their problems at RB.

Originally Posted by IslesRock4 View Post
2 of:

Fred Jackson, Andre Brown, Jonathan Stewart.

Currently have Jackson and Brown in there. Stewart pisses me off week after week and gets only half of his projected point total. Brown has been getting all the goal line touches for the Giants and a lot of touchdowns. Jackson had a rough week last week and Spiller is clearly better than him, only a matter of time before Jackson starts losing touches, right? Tough decision.
I agree with your commentary. My concern with Brown is if he doesn't vulture a TD, he essentially gets you nothing. That's risky. With FJax and Stewart at least you're guaranteed 10-15 touches. I'd go with them.

Originally Posted by Aquin001 on Ice View Post
Hartline vs TEN
Lloyd vs BUF
Floyd vs TB

Leaning towards Hartline seeing as Lloyd is questionable, but all 3 have very favorable matchups. Oh, and count me among those who started Rashad Jennings...
I'm not a Hartline fan at all. Take away his one huge game and he's been very mediocre. Both guys have good matchups (and have essentially scored the identical amount this year), but give me the guy that has Brady throwing him the ball. I'd go Lloyd (unless he's ruled out obviously, which I seriously doubt).

Originally Posted by DisgruntledHawkFan View Post
Dwyer, Hartline or Rudolph as my flex? Leaning Hartline

Edit: ppr league
I was gonna say Dwyer, but in a PPR league you gotta go Hartline.

Originally Posted by Babs View Post
Question I never thought I's ask. Who do I start at RB2-- Daniel Thomas or Marcel Reese?
I think Reece could be productive until one of DMC or Goodson returns, but being we haven't seen it yet it's just too much of a gamble. PPR league I'd go with him, but if not I'd go with Thomas.

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