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Originally Posted by zytz View Post
It's a double-edged sword. Mostly long contracts are abused by rich teams to fit stars into the cap at a low-ish hit. It also allows for teams that may be more middle of the road to compete for top UFAs, even though they really might not be able to afford it. Can Minnesota really afford Suter and Parise? Personally I don't think it's healthy for them to have those contracts, but due to long term contracts it becomes feasible on paper.

Edit: personally I like the idea of term limits... as no restriction on lengths almost makes the current system a soft cap. However you look at it it's circumvention of the whole point of the cap, and I'd like to see that stopped or significantly slowed because its causing teams to get themselves into trouble.
I actually think that Minny is one of the few non rich teams who those deals make sense for. Signing those players provided several instant payoffs. More merchandizing sales, and more season ticket holders (I thought I remember reading that they had to hire more staff for this). So with those increase sales, and more tickets sold per game (plus more merchandizing and concession sales) that should make a small dent in part of the 15m that goes to each annually (cap hit).

Now IF they can consistently make the playoffs (say into round 2), then there's another 6-8+ million. Now you've covered more than half of the salary that those two star players make, and are left only paying the 5-10m that the playoffs, merch sales, etc didn't cover. 5-10m for 2 star players is a damn good deal.

Yes I know the deal is front loaded, and they make a hell of a lot more in years 1-9, but when you look at the options for them to make back a decent chunk of that thru on-ice success, I think Minny was one of the sole teams who could actually make a business case for signing those two stupid contracts.

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