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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
But the "elite" guys don't make the decisions. The union is run by its leadership and by a majority. The majority of players are harmed by those cheat deals as when the league outspends the cap, their pay is clawed back via escrow. The PA complained about "players paying players" in the original make whole proposal, but this is a situation where the high end players are stealing from the rest of the PA by signing cap circumventing deals. Furthermore, when you consider that many of the players who could get such deals are already on them, there's even fewer players who are hurt by eliminating them. There's around maybe 20-30 players who are harmed by eliminating those contracts, but there's almost 700 players who benefit from it. It's simply not an issue the PA should even consider having a problem with.
Again my point is players may not be happy that 1 they are taking 7% less revenue and 2, they are giving up some of their contract rights that they got last time around. Also the more arbitration is delayed the less leverage a player has in getting the most they can.

I personally feel NHL will have to retain free agency age and time and not delay arbitration by a year I just don't see players taking this along with getting reduced share going forward

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