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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Hey don't take it personally. I live in Illinois. If you prefer I can change it to "bum **** Illinois", because there are many places in this state that qualify.

It's just a saying that means "middle of nowhere / out of the spotlight / hiding in the corn".

I do not think less of Kansas folk because they live in Kansas. In fact, your BBQ is one of America's finest inventions and on my way to Utah next year I intend to boost your economy by stopping through and having some.

And hey, when it comes to the world's best internet... Kansas has it and no one else does (Google Fiber). So... I like Kansas. Hell I would even be happy to have the Panthers or Coyotes relocate to KC. I'm just willing to admit it's a state with plenty of "empty land" in the center of the country, with a small media presence. Face it; none of the media would expect to find the NHL and NHLPA in Kansas this weekend. It's the perfect hideout. I say they go for it if it means no media distractions / a better chance at a new CBA.
Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
How about bum**** Nebraska? Is that better
I was just teasing guys. There is definitely a lot to dislike about Kansas. Overall, it is not so bad, though.

Out of curiousity, I checked the size of cities in both Kansas and Nebraska. The largest city in NE has about 25k more people than the largest in Kansas. However, Kansas has 5 cities over 100,000 in population while Nebraska only has 2. Kansas gets bumped up to 6 for 10 months out of the year since the students being at KU puts them fairly close to 110,000.

But, anyway...carry on.

Chancellor, when are you passing through Kansas?

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