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11-09-2012, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Seriously snow shovelling does none of that for me. Probably because I'm used to doing my walks/driveway and the neighbors everytime it snows. Its like any workout, if you're relatively not used to it, its going to hit you harder. That happens a bit to me everytime the gym gets new equipment. Everything exercizes muscles differently and its nothing but beneficial to get exercise in as many forms as possible.

If you have back soreness from shovelling a little snow frankly you don't shovel snow right or your core ab and back strength is the ***** With a proper shovel and form you're hardly even using back.

Maybe they should have shovelling classes at the gym for proper form.

Now if you're talking something like roofing man that **** gets old. Mind you I did my garage and house roof myself with a hammer, not even a nail gun. But I did get tired and my back hurt. But thats doing it over 12hrs/day.

ftr I've been training for 30yrs.

Anyway peace out, I'm just having some fun here. Don't take it the wrong way.

ps had to get this in. How could any hockey fan NOT like shoveling snow. BAck in the old school day Shoveling a rink or local pond out by yourselves was how you got to play a good game of hockey.

Shoveling, clear ice, = hockey. Nothing more canadian.
Yeah but I like the soreness after workouts, you kind of took that quote the wrong way. I like feeling sore after workouts. Im one of those rare people who like leg days. I'm not doing anything wrong out there. Like I said I'll do 100 deadlifts than shovel snow outside. for me, i think having a normal workout in a gym seems much better than snow removal. really is no hassle for me to walk down to my basement and hit the weights. Lol.

My core and back is fine. I'm a boxer, core is everything to me. People will naturally feel sore after doing something their body isn't used to. And I don't know about you, but I haven't shovelled snow since march. I surely didnt shovel snow in June. I was cutting grass. Lol. Not the same thing. Guess we are going have to agree to disagree. You like snow removal, I like weights.

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