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11-09-2012, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
It sounds like you are wanting to submit an idea, right?

That's awesome, and I'm sure fans on the board would love to see some of your ideas. Unfortunately, the latest news on the subject indicated they were pretty far along in the process. They were already viewing prototypes at the office recently, and someone mentioned the design had to be chosen by December in order for it to debut in 2013.

Unless they started the process over, it would seem like you missed out on making a pitch.

EDIT: Oh yeah ... here's a pretty lengthy debate about what fans on here want --> Link
Originally Posted by piqued View Post
I'm definitely familiar with your work on the Sens' 3rd. It's fantastic. The Senators deserve a lot of credit as well for being open to something like that.

Most Stars fans want new jerseys and they want them to A) have a logo on them and B) have more color, namely green.

A new logo though is something that I didn't really see anyone asking for, but we may wind up getting anyway like it or not.
Wow, the Stars board really is a friendly place compared to others! Cheers!

Now, on the topic at hand, yes, it appears I am quite late to the party. I suspected that but still, you never know. Here's my take on the process and where I think they're at:

1. It is true that final uniform design must be approved by december in order for Reebok to produce merchandise for the following season. So I assume at this point they are at the decision phase.

2. I am 100% sure that prototypes are in. For those who might not know what this is, Reebok will produce up to three prototypes for a jersey. From what I've gathered, these prototypes came in this week.

3. Sadly, it sounds like the comments made by the person claiming he saw the prototypes are accurate. Teams often have these focus groups who are briefed on the confidentiality of these projects.

At this point, I would say blue white and red, red and white and blue and green are the options being considered. I could be way off base here, but the story sounds credible. Mind you, it could be a very dark blue.

In any case, I don't get why they would do that. Sounds like the new owner wants to dress up his new doll the way he wants :S

But hey, it could be very nice as well, who knows?

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