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11-09-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Yeah Fehr needs to go. He's half the problem here. Actually at this point he's 3/4ths of the problem. He needs to go, and he needs to go as soon as possible. Why aren't the players jumping on him to get a deal done? He's been playing games the whole time.
Fehr's not the problem. Bettman is the problem.

Fehr's negotiation tactics are questionable, but it's because of how Bettman has negotiated prior to this one. He's run over the PA and has practically gotten the owners everything they've wanted. There's no reason for their to be a lockout, that's Bettman's tactic. Fehr is finally showing that the NHLPA isn't going to cave in to every demand of the NHL, they want a fair deal. Fehr is trying to secure them a fair deal, but the NHL only wants a deal that favors their side.

What it seems like is Fehr is being hard-headed to force the NHL's hand to caving in, because once the NHL sees that the PA is caving in, they are going to look at it as a sign of weakness. He doesn't want to give them any opportunity to see that they are in a desperate state. Every time the NHLPA has seemed desperate in the past, the NHL has taken advantage of it, we saw this in the last lockout when the NHLPA came back desperate for a deal, the NHL not only got the salary cap they wanted, but they also heavily rollbacked contracts.

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