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11-09-2012, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
I blame Bettman and the owners for locking out in the first place. The whole thing is pretty stupid. Ever since the lockout though Fehr has become a real ball breaker/game player.
Like I said, he's being hard-headed. He's not giving the NHL any sign of weakness or desperation. The NHL has pounced on these signs in the past, it forces the NHL's hand. Fehr and the players know they aren't coming out of a deal with a 57-43 split again, but they also know that they don't want to go down to 50-50 without getting something in return.

They need a reason to drop their HRR, and just like any negotiation, the NHL is going to have to compromise on other points or give them concessions in other areas. The NHL has previously avoided doing the latter, instead getting everything they wanted in previous deals by taking advantage of weakness and desperation in the PA. Fehr was brought in to stabilize the PA and prevent the owners from looking at them as inferior.

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