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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Look, all that you're saying makes sense. And facts are facts; you're absolutely right on those. One thing though; it's probably way easier to live in English in Quebec city, than to live in French in every other city who has an NHL team (save for obviously Montreal and Ottawa)

Now, turn things around :

What would happen if a very high-profile French-speaking junior player would refuse to report to the team that drafted him and insisted to play for a team where he could speak and live in his "native language" (in other words, that means "trade me to Montreal OR Ottawa now, or I don't sign, you lose a pick, and so long s***ers)

What would be the perception of that guy around..., well, EVERY OTHER MARKET, especially the one where the team that drafted him plays, and in the NHL as a whole?

Presumably bad. With cause.

You're saying that Lindros did just that (I think the small-market, sponsorship issue is more important). Funny thing is, if Quebec would join the league again, they'd probably be in the upper half for sponsorship money opportunities at the moment.
The major difference is that a French speaking player who doesn't want to go to a primarily Anglophone market would have been eliminating 90% of their possible NHL employment opportunities. Obviously the opposite (10%) was the case with Lindros at the time.

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