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11-09-2012, 07:03 PM
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Skyfall (2012)

I am very lukewarm towards this movie which is disappointing as I am also a huge Bond fan. The beginning gave me hope, an epic chase scene to rival that of Casino Royale certainly had me on the edge of my seat. After that the impeccable cinematography takes center stage making this the most spellbinding film of series as we travel from China to Macau. Yet it runs into a gigantic problem soon after. While trying to pay tribute to it being the 50th year of Bond films, it takes not only this movie, but the entire franchise, far too seriously. The first third is great, but soon after Bardem comes into play and adds the much needed life that Craig's bond was lacking, we enter a completely nonsensical series of events that if it was any closer to The Dark Knight, Nolan would have right to sue. That took me completely out of the movie, all the action felt cheap and unearned. James Bond isn't known for being original, but to take so much from one other movie, and not allow a cohesive plot to form... it was just really bad. The final act doesn't fair much better as it gets more serious and more referential. I really like Casino Royale (a much better movie IMO) because they started fresh, giving the changes made to the franchise to be built under their own merit. Yet by recognizing the past so much while trying to maintain a movie that has such a different tone than that past I couldn't help but think that they were being awfully pompous about what James Bond is, which was for the most part very over-the-top fun whereas Skyfall is quite the opposite. Although they did add one essential part of Bond movies, exceptionally questionable decisions and actions... ugh.

I'll give this movie a pass because of a captivating beginning but it got boring, predictable and somewhat insulting given how blatantly it ripped off The Dark Knight. Very disappointing given the hype but still better than the previous instalment.

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