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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Yes, he had the hammer dropped on him for excessive practice time at Michigan. And a few defensive players here quit during the summer. But the players in the system love it and its one heck of a team.

Here is also a story on why Arizona has such a thin defensive team:
Its a great article as it pertains to what Rich Rod is dealing with at Arizona but doesn't explain into detail about his past. Yes, Rich Rod did fall 1 game short of the national title game in his last season with West Virginia but he only got that far as a result the the circus going on in the so called "year of the upset". No way Rich Rod would even get as far as he did if the teams that are expected to do well did do well, especially with reguards to strength of schedule.

Right now the bar is high at Arizona seeing we fell 1 game shy of making to a BCS game under Stoops(who needed to go)and right now I don't have any faith in Rich Rod given his history. He is going to have to make me and others a believer that he can get the team to a BCS title game if not the national title game by getting to a BCS title game.

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