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11-09-2012, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sketch22 View Post
The Owner's proposal has the players making more than $200 million less than least year, but they are only sharing $50 million more than last year. Until those numbers start getting closer together revenue sharing will be the single biggest problem in the league.

Why? The players didn't decide to take teams from stable hockey markets in Canada and move them to horrible markets in the US.

This negotiation could have started 2 years ago and we would still be in this same exact spot right now. Because neither side was ever going to make any type of substantial concession until both sides started losing money.

That entire paragraph just reeks of jealousy.

Inflation, investment, and risk. Three years from now the money they make will be worth relatively less than it is today. Three years from now the players would have lost out on the ability to use that money in the interim. Why should the players let the Owners (who as a group MADE money from the league last year) differ payments to a later date?

Because one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. You just sound jealous.

Yet again you just sound very jealous and petty.
I am not jealous of anyone and if you think I points are from jealousy then you clearly aren't understanding anything I am writing.

So what that revenue sharing isn't going down the same as the players are losing, again other owners shouldn't pay for all other franchises. Plus if you averaged out what the players would be making over the terms of the deal and what revenue sharing would be it would be players lose 1.3 billion and owners share 1.5 billion.

But again it's a useless point, so players who are making 57% of the leagues revenue and are giving 0% back to the league now what some of the owners to take their 43% and spent on other teams? What business model does that work in? Your living in some fantasy world if you think that's a fair business model and it makes sense. Seriously you can't ask the owners of the most successful teams to foot the bill for all the other teams because quickly they won't be making any profits because all their money will be going to other teams, but that's fair to you?

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