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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Nicholls was a very good (IMO bottom-end HHOF caliber) offensive player who centered a star LW (Robitaille) on a second line behind Wayne Gretzky, but still saw plenty of time. He also played RW with Gretzky on the PP and was the triggerman.
Nicholls may not be the best example, but he still hit 150 in a season that was not at the very peak in league gpg.

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Jagr could definitely have done it, although he had a better situation than Yzerman did in terms of offensive help in his prime. Also, Jagr's 149 year was the same as Nicholls' situation (second line, playing with a top center in Francis, Lemieux-Francis-Jagr PP) so that should be accounted for.
It was similar to Nicholls, but not the same. First, Jagr actually scored 20 more points at ES than Lemieux in '96 (and more per-game). Also, Jagr's adjusted PP production in '96 was less than in '99, less than in 2000 on a per-game basis, and actually closer to (but slightly ahead of) '98. Because the PP was run through Lemieux, this offset the effect of being on such a great PP unit.

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Arguable. Sakic is the only one on this list who has an adjusted season at or above Nicholls' 124 from 1988-89, although some come close. So "probably" isn't the right word. Thee guys should be in the "Maybe" category.
Agreed. I would say "probably could have" or "might have" would be accurate. Those players would have needed to peak during the right stretch of seasons, stayed healthy, etc. to actually do it.

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
These two were barely outscoring a 30+ Yzerman in the 90s in ACTUAL production. The idea that they would have come near Yzerman's best offensive season is silly. Bure's best seasons in raw production were not even as good, point-wise, as Yzerman's seasons those same years. And nobody is arguing that Yzerman should have done it more than once. If we're including these two, we should probably include Sergei Fedorov, Ron Francis, and Jarome Iginla also.
Looking at the numbers, Kariya would have needed all the stars to align properly and I shouldn't have listed Bure. Still, to say they barely outscored 30+ y/o Yzerman is a bit of a stretch in terms of peak seasons. Yzerman turned 30 before the '96 season:

'96- Kariya 108, Yzerman 95, Bure only 15 gm
'97- Kariya 99, Yzerman 85, Bure 55 in 63
'98- Bure 90, Yzerman 69, Kariay 31 in 22 gm
'99- Kariya 101, Yzerman 74, Bure 16 in 11 gm
'00- Bure 94, Kariya 86, Yzerman 79
'01- Bure 92, Kariya 67 in 66 gm, Yzerman 52 in 54 gms

I don't think I've downplayed Yzerman's 155 point season in '89 while making the case that other players since may have been able to duplicate ~150 points in at least one season in the 70s, 80s or early 90s.

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