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11-09-2012, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Ah see my bar is much lower until year three when this class can show what its made of and the North Endzone project is complete. I believe they can compete for a Rose Bowl then but unless its a fluke year or Oregon loses its backer I dont see many other PAC teams winning it for a while. I just love the bowl games and going to them so a constant winner is all I ask.
I like seeing the team heading to the bowl games as well and having a winning record too. But there is no doubt that the stakes are high. Granted, this is Rich Rod's 1st season and it will take time to be among the best, if the right moves are made. It would just be nice to have that confidence though in him. This will be no doubt a make or break for Rich Rod in his coaching career for future work in the NCAA or the NFL for that matter so the stakes are very high for him as well.

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