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I am not so sure, I can see the talent of the Russian players here. They have good material to choose from and need only a fraction of a mistake to make teams pay. Our goal tending is still unproven (and I don't care who tells me what about Subban)

He ain't proven YET on the big international stage to me until he does it.

On the bright side, I have been encouraged by some of our players skills and moxie that can translate well on the big ice, I am in your camp that we have to take those types of players like Mackinnon, Drouin and such, age be damned. If HC decides to go with correct talent over age we can put together a team more then capable of winning over there much like we did in 93.

It all hinges on a guy like Subban doing a reasonable facsimile of 93's Legace however because you just know teams like Russia are going to get their chances.Their talent and ability to play the game simply cannot be denied for 60 minutes.

People make a big deal out of the big ice but sometimes the talent Canada has(if you bring those guys) are at an advantage on the big ice precisely because their skill level is a little bit higher overall and their hockey sense is a little better overall.

This could be one of those years.

But in the end it will hinge on goaltending.

At this moment I would give that edge to Russia...................and likely a few other teams.

Having said that it has been fun to watch both countries kind of "feel themselves out" in terms of personnel and team play.

"jet lag,"league play tiredness" and "bad reffing" notwithstanding.

Which is all mostly ******** IMO.

Both teams have some advantages and disadvantages going for them here game to game here this year.

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And while the Russians get the weekend to rest and run a few practices, OHL players all travel back to their club teams and return Monday to Sarnia for a morning skate and impromptu practice for 45 minutes.. The fact of the matter is this Russian team has been completely unimpressive and a full Canadian team in the event of a lockout should handle them with ease... as long as our goaltender doesn't implode... The only slight advantage I'll give the Russians is in goal... and that's only by the slightest of margins.

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