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11-09-2012, 08:52 PM
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The Shine of New lasted for years for the Sharks being in San Jose. That shine is now gone. If they don't perform like they have since JT got here they will no longer sell out. Hell, they still only sold out last year because of all the season ticket holders and ticket brokers.

It was much tougher to sell tickets as a STH last year than ever before. Weekday games against the Yotes? Good Luck.

Even if we ice a team like the Ricci era hay days of grit and grime rooting for the over achieving underdogs they will very be lucky to have many sellouts, especially with this economy and the 9ers coming to town.

IMO, we are still very lucky to have JT and if we can't somehow find a couple more JT, Boyle and Marleau's the Sharks could be in for some dark times down the road as far as ticket revenue is concerned when those boys tap out.


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