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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
Just a few scraps of news coming out, but enough to cobble together a post:
1)Sounds like the NHL has offered ~$211 million for 'make whole', which they are characterizing as "paying it all, with interest, by year 3". Based on my earlier (back of the envelope, very rough) calculations, that is more like half of the overall loss to existing contracts, but, whatever, half sounds fair to me...
2)Betttman wants 50/50 immediately, with its attendant impact on the cap, plus all the other restrictions on player contracts (UFA age, length, etc). That would be a big win for the owners, esp those of small market market teams. Fehr should have been actively negotiating on this latter front a long time ago instead of playing coy. It would have meant more to the players, long term.
3)Russo seems to think the players still want ALL their salary even with the inevitably shortened season. That is just plain dumb and the owners will never stand for it, because most can't afford to give away $ they have not made.
4)Although it is looking as if the Owners are making concessions, it seems to me they are still holding firm to their fundamental demands. The players are in a box, because, aside from the upper echelon, who will benefit from make whole, the rest have little upside to not settling (no that this is much different from last week or the week before).
5)Almost forgot to add, now Fehr is being accused of deliberately withholding information from the players. I doubt that is true. Twisting and misrepresenting complex issues to their naive little minds, to their detriment, to further his grandiose ends....maybe.

Meanwhile, the lockout clock is still ticking. $309 million lost, and counting...
Actually it is almost 100% of it. 57-50 is a 12.28% decrease and 12.28% of 1.8 billion (roughly last years player share) is $221.040 million. So they have offered roughly 95% of the players salaries based on last years share of HRR.

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