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Originally Posted by McArthur View Post
To follow the going trend, this year shouldn't have players that were ever involved with a lockout. Pick the little guys people missed through baby steps of the NHL
Do you mean players from the 20s or 30s and so? I find that those players are overrepresented if anything. The HOF when it began wasn't as exclusive as it is now and they were inducting quite a few players so several got in when it started who were maybe a bit iffy and it eventually led to the the extreme we have now where being a star for 5 or 10 yrs sometimes isn't enough. There's a few like Chabot who maybe should be in here but far more guys from the 90s and 00s who are absent.

People on here find it shocking that someone would want Fleury or Lindros or Leclair or Amonte in the HOF....I doubt that some of the players inducted from that old time period (some obviously not all) were exactly superstars stars for a long period of time.

I also think that the HOF should be representative of recent times and who was famous. Obviously Lindros or Fleury were household hockey names for being stars in the 90s, most fans have no idea who some of those pre-1942 names are.

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